Managed Website Migrations.

FixWp experts can smoothly migrate your WordPress, Joomla, Magento, or custom website to a new server without causing any disruptions if you’re switching web hosts. Our expertise extends to managing DNS and domain transfers, simplifying the migration process for you. We’ve successfully migrated thousands of websites in the past.

WordPress Migration experts

Our expertise in WordPress is extensive, and we’re familiar with it like the back of our hand. It’s highly likely that we’ve come across a migration error before and know precisely how to resolve it. Our experience includes the migration of numerous WordPress websites, including WooCommerce, LearnDash, BuddyPress, Divi, and many others.

Absolutely no downtime

We have a track record of migrating tens of thousands of websites without any disruption. When it comes to E-Commerce websites, we guarantee consistency across providers to prevent any loss of sales or customer confusion. We work round the clock, every day of the year, so you can specify a particular time for the migration, even outside regular office hours. Moreover, we can furnish you with a preview link, allowing you to verify that the site operates correctly on the new provider.

Would you still be able to assist me if I'm not familiar with how my site is structured?

Certainly. It's typical for us to aid users in assembling login credentials and navigating custom setups.

Is it possible for you to repair malfunctioning websites?

Yes, we can fix broken sites, but it's not included in this migration service.

Is there going to be any period of website inactivity or downtime?

There won't be any downtime as we'll transfer your website to the new provider first, before repointing your domain. This approach ensures that your website will be visible on both the new and old hosts during the transition.

What is the expected duration of a migration process?

We can initiate the migration process almost instantly, or at your preferred time. The duration of the migration may vary greatly - it could take less than an hour for straightforward migrations, or up to a day for more complex transfers involving a large number of files or migration bugs.

Would FixWp manage DNS updates?

Certainly, we can handle DNS updates upon your request. Simply provide us with your domain provider login credentials, and we'll take care of the DNS change for you. If necessary, we can even lower the TTL beforehand.