The ultimate WordPress

maintenance and hosting service.

Our team of experts at FixWp is well-equipped to take care of all your WordPress website management and maintenance needs. Our maintenance plans come with a host of benefits, including unlimited website changes and revisions, comprehensive web hosting management, regular updates to your website and plugins, top-notch security measures, and 24/7 access to our expert support staff.

All-inclusive pricing with everything included. We are ready to start immediately.

Emergency response

As soon as reports for new plugin vulnerabilities are released, our maintenance team is notified and takes immediate action to patch affected sites.

Malware scanning

We perform a scan of your website for any indications of malware or attacks. We cross-check your files against our database of malware signatures to detect any matches.

Backups kept forever

We take at least two backups of your website every day and securely store them offsite. Your backups will be kept for as long as you have an active subscription with us.

SSL certificates

We provide an SSL certificate with all the websites we host, ensuring the security of your website and your customers' data.

24/7 monitoring

Our team of FixWp experts continuously monitor your website, automatically receiving alerts when issues arise, and ensuring maximum performance and security at all times.

Premium WP hosting

Our premium managed hosting comes with global cloud providers included, along with up to 30GB of NvME space by default. We also provide dedicated servers on request.

Unlimited WP support

We resolve any WordPress-related issues and optimize your website's performance. Our support team is available 24/7, and you can contact us via ticket, live chat, or phone.

Unlimited tweaks

You can request unlimited website fixes and revisions from our technicians, even for small jobs that your developer may not have time for.

Managed updates

We take care of updating your WordPress website, themes, and plugins to ensure they are up to date and secure. Our process involves staging the updates first to test their compatibility with your site before putting them live.

What is the importance of having a WordPress maintenance service?

Regular updates and maintenance are crucial for any website built on the WordPress CMS platform. WordPress makes regular updates to its core system, and these updates need to be integrated into the version that your website uses on the server. In addition, plugin developers and theme designers also make regular updates that need to be installed.

If your site doesn’t receive these updates, it may become vulnerable to security issues. Hackers may be able to access your site, causing harm and potentially leading to Google removing your site from the search results page. This can be extremely damaging to your brand.

By using our maintenance service, you can ensure that your site is always up-to-date and protected against hackers. This means that your visitors will have a better user experience, and your site will be more likely to rank well in Google.

To ensure that every aspect of your WordPress site is updated concurrently, including the core, plugins, and design, we provide regular backups to avoid any potential issues. In case of any problems, our expert technicians are always available to fix them promptly. 

So, why do you need a WordPress maintenance service? To ensure your website remains in good condition, protected against hackers, and to provide your visitors with a better user experience.